Listen Now+3 bonus tracks


What the critics said

“Beautifully refined, intricate… “Listen Now” is a superb album, and its subtleties emerge with every listen. ” (Melody Maker)
“George Orwell’s legacy has already inspired some remarkable music in Hugh Hopper’s “1984″ and Bowie’s “Diamond Dogs”. Here’s more of the same.” (NME)
“So what we have here is ‘Love Is The Drug’ Roxy/’Diamond Head’ style music… In fact, at times the album reeks of Beatles through 10cc - it’s no accident that Kevin Godley and Lol Creme appear - tempered with Manzanera quirkiness.” (Sounds)
“At the head, Manzanera with his borderline rock-jazz guitar. Avant-garde supremo, Eno. The kitsch bizarre Tim Finn of Split Enz and the hyperpop, Lol Creme and Kevin Godley. Drummer from the folk wave Dave Mattacks. The list goes on and on Eddie Jobson, Mel Collins, Francis Monkman.” (Record Mirror)
“George Orwell’s 1984 has inspired many a rock musician over the years from Hugh Hopper’s explicit “1984″ to David Bowie’s more oblique “Diamond Dogs” venture. Phil Manzanera’s nightmare “Listen Now” makes the same time-jump to paint a more perceptively chilling and creepily vivid portrait than most before him.” (Nottingham Evening Post)
“SOPHISTICATED rock craftsmanship of the highest class.” (Prescot and Huyton Reporter)
“‘Listen Now’ is an amalgam of influences from 10cc to Weather Report. The music has an immediacy and impact rare in such loose-knit combines and you find yourself singing ‘Flight 19′ in the bath.” (Time Out)
“I keep listening to it over and over again and suspect I will shortly become addicted.” (Trouser Press)
“Through its sheer effrontery not to mention outstanding material and musicianship, it’s one of the outstanding works of the year. It defies categorisation and for that reason should be investigated by one and all.” (Western Evening Mail)
“This album is a classic, instant and appealing, yet rewarding to repeated careful listening.” (What’s on in London)
“Listen Now deals more with subtler sonic alchemy. Texture is still of paramount importance, but Manzanera achieves it here by carefully manipulating a smorgasbord of sound effects (again with Eno as his lieutenant) into a dark, moody canvas reminiscent of Pink Floyd. (Rolling Stone)

Running time: 54′ 58″

Featured musicians:

Phil Manzanera
Brian Eno
Simon Ainley
Bill MacCormick
Mel Collins
Simon Phillips
Dave Mattacks
Kevin Godley
Lol Creme
Eddie Jobson
Timm Finn
Francis Monkman
Paul Thompson
Dave Skinner