The Music 1972-2008

‘PHIL MANZANERA – The Music 1972 – 2008’
A double album of a life in music and a DVD including the new documentary ‘From Revolution to Roxy’

Phil Manzanera, one of the UK’s most creative and highly regarded musicians, releases ‘Phil Manzanera – The Music 1972-2008’ on 10 November on his own label, Expression Records.

The release includes a double album of 25 tracks, either written or co-written by Manzanera, spanning an amazing career that includes his work with seminal band Roxy Music, 801 Live, Brian Eno and solo albums, such as ‘Diamond Head’ and ‘6PM

The DVD includes ‘From Revolution to Roxy’, a riveting musical journey, ,with Manzanera acting as guide, plus live performances and music videos. Fans will be delighted by the inclusion of previously unseen Roxy Music footage, Eno filming himself and family super 8 footage shot in Cuba at the time of the Revolution.

Phil Manzanera:
“ When choosing the songs and music from a body of work that, so far, has spanned 35 years, I did wonder if some common thread would emerge, and I guess it did…namely my passion for experimentation and musical exploration through sound and collaborations. I have never wanted to play it safe, even if it means, as the great music writer Ian MacDonald said of me, ‘soaring like an angel one minute and stumbling like a sleepwalker the next’.

Disc one covers the first twenty years with Manzanera providing the musical context for the words of other co-writers, such as Bryan Ferry and Brian Eno, as well as writing varied instrumental music. The most recent 10 years are on Disc 2 with Manzanera writing and singing his own lyrics, including 10 minutes of weirdness created by Eno’s ‘treatments’ of music by former Roxy colleagues, Manzanera, Mackay and Thompson.

Track listing:

1. Amazona 4.13 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Stranded
2.Needle In A Camel’s Eye 3:06 (Eno /manzanera) Brian Eno Here come the warm jets
3.Out Of The Blue 4:46 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Country Life
4.Prairie Rose 5:12 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Country Life
5.Frontera 4:04 (I&W MacCormick/Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Diamond Head
6.Diamond Head 4:28 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Diamond Head
7.Miss Shapiro 4:18 (Eno/Manzanera ) 801 801 Live
8.East Of Asteroid 4:56 (MacCormick/Manzanera ) 801 801 Live
9.Manifesto 5:29 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Manifesto
10.Over You 3:27(Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Flesh & Blood
11.Running Wild 5:01(Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Flesh & Blood
12.Criollo 6:06 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Primitive Guitars
13.Take A Chance With Me 4:42 (Ferry/Manzanera) Roxy Music Avalon
14. Big Dome 6:16 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Primitive Guitars

15. La Vida Moderna 5.25 (Manzanera /Bunbury) Phil Manzanera Vozero
16. Mystic Moon 4:05 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera Vozero
17. HYMN 4.28 (Manzanera/Singers) Phil Manzanera Vozero
18. Green Spikey Cactus 5:.36 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
19. Broken Dreams 5:10 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
20. 6PM 3.34 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
21. LOVE DEVOTION 5.39 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
22. WISH YOU WELL 5.36 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera 6PM
23. Technicolor UFO 4:12 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera **50 Minutes Later
24. Desaparecido 4:03 (Manzanera /Singers) Phil Manzanera **50 Minutes Later
25. Enotonik Bible Black 10.30 (Manzanera) Phil Manzanera **50 Minutes Later
(“Mainstream” Version)
Disc 3 DVD
a film by Charlie Targett-Adams
2.Guitar Legends Seville 1991
3.Diamond Head Sweden 1975
4.6pm EPK
5.Guantanamera 1992
6.Fender 50th Wembley 6pm 2006
7.Manzanera Moncada Mama Hue 1991
8.A Million Reasons Why video1989

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