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The first complete Roxy Music box set to be released on CD, the Complete Studio Recordings includes each of the eight Roxy Music Studio albums released in the ten year period of 1972-1982, on CD plus two discs of bonus tracks containing tracks previously unavailable on CD.

Each album has been taken back to its original form. Audio 2012 flat transfers from the original analogue master tapes (not the 1999 remasters), ensuring the audio sounds truer to its original LP sound.

CD1: Roxy Music
Debut album from Roxy Music, released: 16th June 1972. Peaking at #10 during a 16 week run on the UK album charts. - Cover photo by Karl Stoecker featuring model Kari-Ann Muller.

CD2: For Your Pleasure
Roxy music released their second album on 30th March 1973. The last album to feature Brian Eno, it charted at #4 in the UK album chart.- Cover photo, by Karl Stoecker, featured singer and model Amanda Lear - Pyjamarama was recorded during the For Your Pleasure sessions but was not included on the album but released as a single ahead of the album release.- Do The Stand was released as a single in most USA, Japan and most European territories but not in UK

CD3: Stranded
The 3rd album Stranded was released on 23rd November 1973. The album reached the top spot on the UK album charts in the 2nd week of a 17 week run.- Cover features Marilyn Cole -1973 Playmate of the Year - The album included the hit single “Street Life” c/w “Hula Kula” reaching number 9 in the UK singles charts.- This album introduced Eno’s replacement Eddie Jobson a multi-instrumentalist who took over the keyboards and synthesizer role but also added a new dimension with his violin arrangements and soloing.

CD4: Country Life
Released: 22nd November 1974, reaching #3 in the UK Chart.- Title name comes from the British rural lifestyle magazine: Country Life- Cover shot in Portugal by Karl Stoecker, features models Constanze Karoli and Eveline Grunwald.- The album included the hit single” All I Want is You” c/w “Your Application’s Failed” reaching number 12 in the UK singles chart.- The Thrill Of It All was edited to 3:20 for issues as a single in USA

CD5: Siren
Released: 31st October 1975, the album charted at #4 UK album chart. - Cover features model Jerry Hall (pictured on rocks at South Stack Lighthouse in Anglesey)- “Love is the Drug” c/w “Sultanesque” was the first single released from the album – charting at #2 in the UK (covered by numerous people including – Grace Jones and Kylie Minogue)- For the first time, Roxy Music release a second single from an album this time “Both Ends Burning” c/w “For Your Pleasure (Live)” reaches number 26 in the UK singles chart.

CD6: Manifesto
Released: 16th March 1979, the album charted at no. 7 in the UK- Cover design featured a variety of mannequins including a mannequin of Roxy’s first cover girl Kari Ann. They were set in a disco/club scene looked at through a rainy window. The sleeve was created by Bryan Ferry and designer Antony Price. - True to the original pressing of Manifesto this album has a rock version of Angel Eyes with an additional fourth verse and a ballad version of Dance Away. - Singles Released: Trash (UK# 40), Dance Away (UK #2) and Angel Eyes (UK #4)

CD7: Flesh And Blood
Released: 23rd May 1980; charted at number 1 in the UK (for one week in June and then for another three weeks in August, it spent 60 weeks in the UK album chart). - Singles released: “Over You” (UK #5): “Oh Yeah” (UK #5) and “Same Old Scene” (UK #12). “In The Midnight Hour” was also released as a single in USA & Portugal.- Roxy Music was a three-piece consisting of Bryan Ferry, Andy Mackay and Phil Manzanera at this point, as Paul Thompson had left the band.

CD8: Avalon
Released: 28th May 1982; the most commercially successful Roxy Music album, charted at #1 UK (3weeks) and stayed in the album charts for over a year - Recorded in 1981-82 at Compass Point Studios in Nassau, Bahamas- Cover model: Lucy Helmore first wife of Bryan Ferry - Singles released: More Than This” (UK #5), Avalon (UK #12) and “Take A Chance With Me” (UK #26)


1) Virginia Plain Roxy Music non-album single “Virginia Plain” was Roxy Music’s debut single released 4th Aug 1972. Recorded in July 1972 at London’s Command Studios, it charted at #4 in the UKs Official Singles Chart 2) The Numberer B‘side to Virginia Plain 3) Pyjamarama (Island Mix) The original Island label release in 1973 of Roxy Music’s Pyjamarama, charted at #10 in the UK. It was different to the Polydor re-issue in 1977 as this version had heavier treatments by Eno of Andy Mackay’s sax and the guitar refrain at the fade was edited differently to the Polydor mix. 4) Pyjamarama (Polydor Mix) Roxy Music’s Pyjamarama was re mixed for the Greatest Hits album in 1977. The sax had less treatments on it and the closing guitar refrain was edited differently to the original Island 7″ version. This version was also used as the flip side to the double ‘A’ re-issue of Virginia Plain in 1977. 5) The Pride And The Pain An Andy Mackay instrumental, used as the b’side to the original single release of Pyjamarama in 1973 6) Do The Strand (USA 7” Mix) **never been available on CD before** Later released as a UK Single in 1978 (to promote Roxy Music’s Greatest Hits album). Do The Strand was edited from 4:00 to 3:19 for the USA single release 7) Hula Kula The b’side to single “Street Life”. Hula Kula is a Hawaiian-inspired instrumental composed by Phil Manzanera 8 ) Your Application’s Failed Instrumental track written by drummer Paul Thompson, it was B’side for both ‘The Thrill of it all’ and ‘All I want Is You’ singles 9) The Thrill Of It All - Edit (4’20) **never been available on CD before** 10) The Thrill Of It All (USA 7” Mix) US single **never been available on CD before** 11) Love Is The Drug (USA 7” Mix) US Single Mix for which charted at #30 in the US **never been available on CD before** 12) Sultanesque B’side to Love Is The Drug, an instrumental track written by Bryan Ferry 13) Both Ends Burning (7” Mix) Was edited from the 5:12 ‘Siren’ version to a length of 3:58 for the 7″ release. The intro was cut from 16 bars long to 8 bars. The guitar solo at the end was brought forward 8 bars on the end refrain. **never been available on CD before** 14) For Your Pleasure – Live Recorded live at the Empire Pool Wembley in October 1975 (one of the concerts recorded for the live Viva! Roxy Music album). **never been available on CD before**

1) Trash 2 (b-side to Trash) 2) Dance Away (Single Version) Single version appeared on later versions of the album 3) Dance Away (Canadian Extended 12” Mix) 4) Angel Eyes (Single Version) 5) Angel Eyes (12” Single Version) 6) Oh Yeah (7” Version) **never been available on CD before** 7) Manifesto (Remake) b-side to ‘Over You 8 ) South Downs b-side to Oh Yeah 9) Lover b-side to Same Old scene 10) Jealous Guy Non-album single “Jealous Guy” (originally written and recorded by John Lennon) was covered by Roxy Music in 1981 as a tribute to John Lennon, following his death in 1980. The single charted at #1 in the UK, staying there for two weeks March 1981. 11) To Turn On You (1981 B-Side Version) The B’side to Jealous Guy - To Turn On You (1981 B-Side Version) later appeared remixed on Avalon - **this version has never been available on CD before** 12) More Than This (7” Version) 13) Avalon (7” Single Version) **never been available on CD before** 14) Always Unknowing 15) Take A Chance With Me (7” Single Version) **never been available on CD before** 16) Take A Chance With Me (USA 7” Mix) **never been available on CD before** 17) The Main Thing (Extended 12” Single Version) 12” Single Version labelled as ‘Dance Mix’ 18) The Main Thing – Remix b’side to Take A Chance With me **never been available on CD before**


Full track listings:

Disc 1
1. Re-Make/Re-Model (2012 - Remaster) 2. Ladytron (2012 - Remaster) 3. If There Is Something (2012 - Remaster) 4. 2HB (2012 - Remaster) 5. The Bob (Medley) (2012 - Remaster) 6. Chance Meeting (2012 - Remaster) 7. Would You Believe? (2012 - Remaster) 8. Sea Breezes (2012 - Remaster) 9. Bitters End (2012 - Remaster)
Disc 2
1. Do the Strand (2012 - Remaster) 2. Beauty Queen (2012 - Remaster) 3. Strictly Confidential (2012 - Remaster) 4. Editions of You (2012 - Remaster) 5. In Every Dream Home a Heartache (2012 - Remaster) 6. The Bogus Man (2012 - Remaster) 7. Grey Lagoons (2012 - Remaster) 8. For Your Pleasure (2012 - Remaster)
Disc 3
1. Street Life (2012 - Remaster) 2. Just Like You (2012 - Remaster) 3. Amazona (2012 - Remaster) 4. Psalm (2012 - Remaster) 5. Serenade (2012 - Remaster) 6. A Song for Europe (2012 - Remaster) 7. Mother of Pearl (2012 - Remaster) 8. Sunset (2012 - Remaster)
Disc 4
1. The Thrill of It All (2012 - Remaster) 2. Three and Nine (2012 - Remaster) 3. All I Want Is You (2012 - Remaster) 4. Out of the Blue (2012 - Remaster) 5. If It Takes All Night (2012 - Remaster) 6. Bitter Sweet (2012 - Remaster) 7. Triptych (2012 - Remaster) 8. Casanova (2012 - Remaster) 9. A Really Good Time (2012 - Remaster)10. Prairie Rose (2012 - Remaster)
Disc 5
1. Love Is the Drug (2012 - Remaster) 2. End of the Line (2012 - Remaster) 3. Sentimental Fool (2012 - Remaster) 4. Whirlwind (2012 - Remaster) 5. She Sells (2012 - Remaster) 6. Could It Happen to Me? (2012 - Remaster) 7. Both Ends Burning (2012 - Remaster) 8. Nightingale (2012 - Remaster) 9. Just Another High (2012 - Remaster)
Disc 6
1. Manifesto (2012 - Remaster) 2. Trash (2012 - Remaster) 3. Angel Eyes (Rock Version) (2012 - Remaster) 4. Still Falls the Rain (2012 - Remaster) 5. Stronger Through the Years (2012 - Remaster) 6. Ain’t That So (2012 - Remaster) 7. My Little Girl (2012 - Remaster) 8. Dance Away (Ballad Version) (2012 - Remaster) 9. Cry, Cry, Cry (2012 - Remaster)10. Spin Me Round (2012 - Remaster)
Disc 7
1. In the Midnight Hour (2012 - Remaster) 2. Oh Yeah! (2012 - Remaster) 3. Same Old Scene (2012 - Remaster) 4. Flesh and Blood (2012 - Remaster) 5. My Only Love (2012 - Remaster) 6. Over You (2012 - Remaster) 7. Eight Miles High (2012 - Remaster) 8. Rain, Rain, Rain (2012 - Remaster) 9. No Strange Delight (2012 - Remaster)10. Running Wild (2012 - Remaster)
Disc 8
1. More Than This (2012 - Remaster) 2. The Space Between (2012 - Remaster) 3. Avalon (2012 - Remaster) 4. India (2012 - Remaster) 5. While My Heart Is Still Beating (2012 - Remaster) 6. The Main Thing (2012 - Remaster) 7. Take a Chance With Me (2012 - Remaster) 8. To Turn You On (2012 - Remaster) 9. True to Life (2012 - Remaster)10. Tara (2012 - Remaster)
Disc 9
1. Virginia Plain (2012 - Remaster) 2. The Numberer (2012 - Remaster) 3. Pyjamarama (Island Mix) (2012 - Remaster) 4. Pyjamarama (Polydor Mix) (2012 - Remaster) 5. The Pride and the Pain (2012 - Remaster) 6. Do the Strand (USA 7″ Mix) (2012 - Remaster) 7. Hula Kula (2012 - Remaster) 8. Your Application’s Failed (2012 - Remaster) 9. The Thrill of It All (Edit) (2012 - Remaster)10. The Thrill of It All (USA 7″ Mix) (2012 - Remaster)11. Love Is the Drug (USA 7″ Mix) (2012 - Remaster)12. Sultanesque (2012 - Remaster)13. Both Ends Burning (7″ Mix) (2012 - Remaster)14. For Your Pleasure (Live) (2012 - Remaster)15. Trash 2 (2012 - Remaster)16. Dance Away (Single Version) (2012 - Remaster)17. Dance Away (Canadian Extended 12″ Mix) (2012 - Remaster)18. Angel Eyes (Single Version) (2012 - Remaster)19. Angel Eyes (12″ Single Version) (2012 - Remaster)
Disc 10
1. Oh Yeah! (7″ Version) (2012 - Remaster) 2. Manifesto (Remake) (2012 - Remaster) 3. South Downs (2012 - Remaster) 4. Lover (2012 - Remaster) 5. Jealous Guy (2012 - Remaster) 6. To Turn You On (1981 B-Side Version) (2012 - Remaster) 7. More Than This (7″ Version) (2012 - Remaster) 8. Avalon (7″ Single Version) (2012 - Remaster) 9. Always Unknowing (2012 - Remaster)10. Take a Chance With Me (7″ Single Version) (2012 - Remaster)11. Take a Chance With Me (USA 7″ Mix) (2012 - Remaster)12. The Main Thing (12″ Single Version) (2012 - Remaster)13. The Main Thing (Remix) (2012 – Remaster

Orders will be dispatched as soon as stock available in August


  1. jeremy howard says:

    Opinions of a long-time fan - on the songs - Roxy Music (CD1) - strange but good - For Your Pleasure (CD2) - classic Roxy, agree with Paul Thompson’s favourite (title) track - the rythmn and treated keyboards, fantastic! - Stranded (CD3) - Almost agree with Eno that overall it may be the finest - Country Life (CD4) - all styles are served here! - Siren (CD5)- Love is the Drug, Whirlwind, Nightingale - each magnificent! - Manifesto (CD6) - like a fun night out! - Flesh and Blood (CD7) - my brother’s favourite Roxy album - Avalon (CD8) - the best seller of all, I think(?) Some interesting former B sides on the final two CD’s - a great career guys and well done also to the technicians involved - Chris Thomas - John Punter - Rhett Davies et al!

  2. Alejandro says:

    Excellent release eagerly awaited by fans and fans, we hope to reach South America, Argentina expected. Muchas Gracias!!! Big hug to the people of Expresiion Records !!! a pleasure!!!

  3. Michael Fuller says:

    Just got my box set yesterday in the mail. Phil signed it. It’s an amazing thing to have and to hold. I have not gotten through much of it yet and hope we get some of the BBC archives soon.


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