Great interview with Phil. Guitar and Bass magazine.

Here’s a great interview with Phil from the Feb edition of Guitar and Bass magazine, There are some fantastic hints and tips from Phil about guitars and recording.
Read the interview here

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  1. richard p. miller says:

    Hello Phil, I am new to the internet just purchasing my first laptop/computer a few months ago.I am 55 yrs.old and have been listening to your understated yet buzzsaw chaotic playing since 1973 when I first heard Stranded on a night that I still vividly remember in that my musical tastes and listening changed forever(well at least till I pass on).That night got me searching for your earlier work with Roxy as well as all your subsequent output to present.When I get with old friends and we talk about our most favorite guitarist or other musicians,I always have you at the top of the list for my most favorite guitar player(no disrespect meant to Hendrix,Clapton,Page or other six-stringers).My favorite Roxy album is still Stranded as well as your work on Diamondhead and Eno’s earlier albums.Keep playing and releasing.Thanks for an enjoyable almost 40 years of great and very interesting music!!!! signed Richard from Pennsylvania. Amazona is still the bomb!!!!!!

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