Radio Manzanera Launched !

Today sees the launch of Radio Manzanera. By clicking on the radio emblem on the top right of the front page of you can listen for free to tracks from all the Manzanera albums in a window that will stay on your main screen as you get on with other business! As the tracks play ,in a random order, the title of each track will appear.

13 Responses to “Radio Manzanera Launched !”

  1. Adrian Cosgrove says:

    Excellent idea to have a radio station,brilliant content,will be tuning in again

  2. Paolo Falcucci says:

    Hellò from Pisa; Italy… I’m your fan, ‘cos I listen’to your Music from the 1st Roxy album and I listen to and love your Music!?! And your solo production too!!! I’ll wait for your news.

  3. John from New York says:

    Hi, Phil! Great site, great music. I listen to Radio Manzanera while I work! I’ve been a fan since the 1970s and I have enjoyed your work in all its incarnations. All the best and keep it coming!

  4. sav says:

    Phil - please come to Manila, the Philippines when you do the Roxy tour next year. I have been a Roxy fan since 1973 - first album bought was ‘Stranded’. I also have your 801 album and live with Eno,Nico etc from 1974. It was you and Mick Ronson who made me pick up a guitar. Please check out my band’s music - very Roxy influenced - on youtube - type in Basczax (stupid spelling I know but we are awkward buggers!) and you will find three promo tracks from our album ‘This Machine Rocks’ - your radio station is great by they way - will be listening in a lot!

  5. Stevie D says:

    Hi Phil,

    I’m loving Radio Manzanera ! miss you my friend


  6. david grchan says:

    One word awesome

  7. TaxTeddy says:

    What a great idea - makes a change from the playlists on my iPlayer.

    Haven’t come across any tracks I don’t already have - but you never know. Phil has covered a great range of work in his back catalogue so I’m hoping to make a new discovery!

  8. Rod Burgess says:

    Good one Phil - Hope to see you in Brisbane Australia with Roxy in March :)

  9. Hommé Mich says:

    Hi from Belgium. I remember the early first time i saw Phil on stage, that happend on Reading festival on …..1976. When i am back home it was difficult to found and buy Diamond Head but i have stil yet this vinyl at home…..

  10. Jeremy Howard says:

    Hi Phil, hope your Christmas is a happy one so far. The whole website is great including Radio Manzanera in my view. One of my presents was Manzanera & Mackay (Manzanera/Mackay/Wraith) from ‘87/’88. Different from much of your other work over the years - I particularly liked ‘Black Gang Chine’, ‘Free Yourself’ and ‘Every King of Stone’. Agree with sav’s comments too about Mick Ronson - he was great. All the Best for 2012. Jeremy Howard

  11. nigel says:

    Hi Phil,

    Just requested KXLU in LA to play Corroncho. Just back from Grenada. And I know you’re in Cuba - gig tomorrow. Have a good one. Hope it all goes well. Hope to see Jack Bruce in Cambridge in March. I passed on your details to a chap in Mexico called Alejandro Valtierra who’s doing some interesting radio stuff. I notice you have radio manzanera going. Brilliant. Speak soon. Havana is so beautiful. And musical !! even the cigars !! Nx

  12. Jeremy Howard says:

    Hi Phil, just thought I’d say I’ve been recently listening again to my original Roxy albums and from Siren in particular I thought your contribution (co-written Ferry/Manzanera)to both Whirlwind (demonstrative!) and Nightingale (beautiful song) was impressive. Regards. Jeremy

  13. Don Burton says:

    no one plays like you do now that Gary is gone cheers from ottawa canada

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