Germany likes 801 Live

A selection of 801 Reviews from Germany

Phil Manzanera / 801
„The Combination of Psychedelic and Electronic, enriched with a strong shot of Rock and Funk, has not lost its brilliance. Highlights are the highly individual version of the Beatles-Classic „Tomorrow Never Knows“, the instrumental „Lagrima“ and the wonderful melancholic „Rong Wrong“.“ BFH, Eclipsed Oct. 2009

„The Success is based on four pillars: the superior skills of the musicians, the easy and casual approach to a live-performance, the songs that cover a wide range from poppy lightness to progressive melancholy, and a sound quality that was outstanding back then.“ Tk, Good Times 4/2009

„Where Roxy Music was decadent, cheesy and eccentred 801 Live was cool, concentrated and self-confident and showed a technologically grown and humanistic Utopia. Psychedelic, but wide awake.
Excellent music that does not fit in categories though everything sounds so familiar. A lush sound unit with an exotic look from another planet, viewed with scepticism and waiting for something that can not be named.
801 Live is a completely timeless album.“ Rolf Jäger, Jazzthetik 10/09

The outstanding sound and the fresh, furious improvisation create a timeless document of the Artrock-Scene around „Enfant Terrible“ Brian Eno.“

„A magic moment, creating one of the best Live-Albums of Pop-History. Phils clamorous guitarintro is followed by eleven songs between Rock & Psychedelic which prove that 801 were ahead of their time. W.Andresen, Stereoplay 10/09

„With this top-class band Phil Manzanera acted out what was missing in Roxy Music: melodic Prog-Rock with a psychedelic touch. „801 Live“ was pure cult in 1976 and also an act of technically pioneering, that is now greatly remastered.“ Matthias Inhoffen, Audio 10/09

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  1. pete says:

    We ran a very positive review of the 801 album in the US guitar magazine VINTAGE GUITAR a few months ago.

  2. Jan Lier says:

    This album deserves and commands a deluxe vinyl edition of the expanded edition - a double album, 180g virgin vinyl - the works!

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