801 Bundles of fun !

It is a genuine pleasure to announce the imminent release of the ‘The 801 Live Collector’s Edition’ double CD (amongst other things, that is).

Back in 1976 musicians tended not to think of posterity, legacies or, indeed, anything very much except making a lot of loud noise. Unlike artists today whose management ensure that their every action is videoed, recorded and archived we tended to work on remembering to play the right notes in more or less the right order. And, if that proved impossible, to at least have a laugh while doing it. And so, it was totally against prevailing logic and good practice that Bill MacCormick stuck his cassette player next to the mixing desk one day in August 1976 on a sound stage at Shepperton Film Studios. Even more amazingly there was a blank tape in the recorder and Chris Michie, the sound engineer, remembered to switch it on.

Of such coincidences are history made! For years, this unprepossessing 3M cassette languished in a draw in what passes for Bill’s office. Until, one day, the thought crept slowly across Phil and Bill’s minds that, just maybe and one day, they should release said tape on an unsuspecting world. And, of course, the longer the delay, the more unsuspecting the world became. Well, several years after the idea was first mooted, the idle dream has become reality in the form of the ‘801 Live Collector’s Edition’.

Phil has gone quietly bonkers putting this little package together. Apart from the now absolutely correct version of the initial Queen Elizabeth Hall recording (yes, ‘Third Uncle’ now ends the way it should) and the refreshed, slightly tweaked and enhanced Shepperton dress rehearsal tape, Phil has put together a package of many previously unseen photographs and comprehensive sleeve notes with contributions (of more or less relevance) from all six members of the band.

It looks good, it sounds good and, by golly, it’ll do you good to give it a listen.

Now, in these straightened times when the only person with a decent wedge and a large pension is a retired banker, we appreciate that everyone nowadays is looking for value for money. Well, we also have some ideas up that particular street.

If you care to direct your desktop rodent towards this web site: www.expressionrecords.com you will find that we have spent, oooh, at least 38 minutes coming up with deals of all shapes and sizes, with added goodies (like rather spiffy and FREE Firebird guitar badges) and just fabulous value for you our esteemed punters (ooops, sorry, customers). Because, you see, there is not just the new ‘Collector’s Edition’ of the original 801 Live CD to be had but Phil, restlessly energetic, has also found the time to produce versions of such much loved classics as 801 Live at Manchester (avec Andy MacKay and Kevin and Lol from 10 cc) and 801 Live at Hull (featuring the oh so fabulous Eddie Jobson).

There is sure to be some package of goodies which will appeal to you and/or your wallet. Trust us, there is.

Anyway, if you head over to http://www.expressionrecords.com you can check them all out and decide what is best for you. You know it makes sense.
And, of course, Phil will be wearing out his right hand in signing the lot. We await your visit with keen anticipation and a free glass of virtual red or white wine. Gaspo zut alors!! Can you stand such excitement?

Phil & Bill @ Expression Records


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