Bob Dylan hears Corroncho and loves it!

The story goes like this……Whilst over in the UK playing his gigs
at the O2,Bob Dylan went out to dinner with Chrissie Hynde.Over
dinner Chrissie ,a great Corroncho fan, played him our version in
Spanish of his song Forever Young,called Tu Juventud. He loved it !
That girl has balls! Colombia where it was just released last week is
loving the album.

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  1. Luis Daza RN says:

    Hi there Phill Manzanera “El Magnifico”

    I´ve listened the album Corronco, it is simply great, I{m a huge fan of your music, and of your collaborations with David Gilmour.

    I hope you som day visit Bogota DC and make a Concert for all of your fans!!

    Sincerely yours!


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